Braces for Adults

Straighten your teeth quickly
and affordably

It’s never too late to improve your smile! You can have a new smile in months, not years. If you are unhappy with crooked or spaced teeth, we have cosmetic dentistry options to help you.

Our adult orthodontics services continue to increase in popularity. The latest technology makes the time and cost of adult braces very attractive.

adult orthodontics

You may be a good candidate for getting braces as an adult at any age if:

  • You resisted braces as a child and still suffer from crooked teeth.
  • You had straight teeth that have begun to lean.
  • You are concerned about the possible embarrassment of metal braces.
  • You want to straighten your teeth in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • You don’t have a jaw alignment issue.
  • You have healthy bone and gum tissue.

The specialized method of adult orthodontics we use is designed to deliver maximum results in minimal time. You can have a flawless smile in months.


The Fastbraces method offers a safe and affordable solution for adults. The brackets are triangular, allowing for the use of just one wire during treatment – this is more comfortable for you. This new orthodontic technology lets Dr. Leach precisely move the roots of teeth at the same time as the crown is shifted into place, reducing treatment time dramatically compared to traditional orthodontia. Most patients get results in about a year with Fastbraces; some in as little as a few months (compared to about two years with conventional braces).

Research indicates that the longer teeth are in a state of tension and transition from braces, the greater the risk of resorption, or shortening of tooth roots. Since Fastbraces moves teeth in a reduced period of time than traditional braces, it is a safer method with less chance of resorption. In addition, it's more challenging to keep teeth sparkling clean with orthodontic appliances attached to them. So, the sooner your straightening is completed, the less opportunity for problems from challenging hygiene.

Six Month Smiles

Our Six Month Smiles system is not for children, who have special dental requirements since their bones and teeth are growing. These adult braces focus on straightening the front six or eight teeth that show the most.

The clear brackets and wires colored to match your teeth are hardly noticeable as they gently realign. During treatment, we see you approximately once a month to change wires. The average treatment time is six months.

Once your treatment is finished and your teeth have moved to their final position, you will be given a retainer. It could be either a removable appliance worn at night or a thin wire fitted to the back of your teeth. A retainer ensures that your teeth do not move back into their previous position.

adult orthodontics

We can help you sort out which type of adult braces will work best for your specific needs. During your initial consultation, we examine your mouth and may take some photographs and x-rays if needed. We then explain the likely outcomes, timeframes and possible issues you may experience during the treatment. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions and discuss the cost of adult braces.

Call us today to schedule time with Dr. Leach to discuss how we can help you have the smile you want. Our adult patients are delighted with their straight teeth!