Crowns and Bridges Solve Teeth Troubles

Repair or improve your teeth with long-lasting crowns and bridges

Dental restorations called crowns and bridges are used to repair breakage, strengthen teeth, and replace missing teeth, as well as improve teeth appearance and function.

crowns made in-house take a few minutes

Crowns are sometimes an alternative to extraction, a way to preserve the root and as much as possible of the original tooth structure. Bridges are like crowns except they are designed to replace missing teeth while also providing stability to your surrounding teeth. In many cases, people need both crowns and bridges.

We use crowns and bridges to:

  • give you a more natural and beautiful smile
  • improve the chewing function of your teeth
  • protect your teeth from further damage
  • prevent your remaining teeth from shifting out of place, causing other dental problems

crowns made in-house take a few minutes

A dental crown is a cap that covers all visible portions of a tooth. It is made of a durable material in the shape of a tooth and in a color that matches your natural shade. We only use dental crowns made from precious metals and porcelain. These crowns are made in local labs and formed with the very best techniques available.

The process of crowning a tooth includes these steps:

  1. We start with an x-ray of the tooth and jaw (this is important to see any issues that are not visible to the eye).
  2. After your tooth and gum are numbed, our dentist then reduces and shapes the existing tooth to make room for the crown.
  3. We then create impressions of your mouth with a special putty and take precise measurements of your teeth.
  4. We send you home with a temporary crown to protect the prepared tooth, while our local dental laboratory creates a beautiful artificial tooth to match your natural teeth.*
  5. We then fit the permanent crown into place with a strong cement to look and function almost as well as a naturally healthy tooth.

* Note that we offer our patients CEREC crown technology using state-of-the-art computer imaging. When appropriate for patients, this system allows us to make and install permanent CEREC crowns in just one visit. While CEREC crown appointments take a little longer (approximately 2.5 to 3 hours), they eliminate the need to wear a temporary crown for two weeks and having to return for the final cementation visit.

Crowns are also a cosmetic dentistry option for you. Some teeth have deep staining that won’t respond to whitening, unsightly chips or fractures in the enamel that veneers can’t help, or are badly misshapen. Dental crowns may be a great aesthetic solution if you have these issues.

If you are missing an entire tooth, or multiple teeth, we have also have options to help you replace them. Bridges are similar to crowns except they are designed to replace missing teeth while also providing stability to your surrounding teeth. We cement an artificial replacement tooth to the adjacent teeth, which are first reduced to anchor the bridge securely and are then crowned. A fixed bridge is a good alternative for a patient who is not a suitable candidate for dental implants, which is a popular but more invasive surgical procedure. Designing and fitting a bridge is similar to the process described for a crown but involve the teeth on either side of the space.

Crowns and bridges are lasting restorations that result in a very natural appearance. With proper oral hygiene at home and regular dental check-ups, crowns and bridges usually last a minimum of ten years and very possibly a lifetime.

Don’t put off having healthy and pain-free teeth. Restoration services such as crowns and bridges help prevent further dental problems. If you have anxiety about dental work, we also have sedation dentistry services to make your appointments more comfortable.