Your Family Dentist
for Life

Create a long-lasting relationship with a caring dental team

family dentistry

Since 1977, our dentists have been caring for families so they can enjoy beautiful and healthy smiles throughout their lives. We think of our patients as part of our own extended family and enjoy long-term relationships with many of them. From our youngest child patient to our eldest senior, our gentle care demonstrates our desire to be your family dentist for life.

Preventative dentistry and client education is part of our treatment plan for all of our patients, which reduces costs for families. As experienced family dentists, Drs. Leach and Mazhar know that prevention is significantly less expensive than fixing established problems.

You would bring a young child in for a dental visit at the appearance of the first tooth or by age two at the latest. By starting visits early, your child will become comfortable with check-ups and treatment, and we can halt any dental issues.

We provide all basic treatments for children – examinations, cleanings, fillings, and extractions. If your child requires more specialized dental care, we can refer you to a well-qualified periodontist.

Your pre-teens and teens need regular dental visits since hormones, social pressures and lifestyle changes can bring on more oral health issues.

As adults, we also need to care for our teeth and maintain past dental work to avoid tooth decay, gum disease, and other common adult problems.

Our seniors require regular dental services as receding gum tissue, medications, and disease may lead to increased risk of tooth decay. We also provide a wide range of restorative services if needed.

We are staffed and equipped to handle a wide range of dental needs. Our family dentistry services include:

  • Hygiene and preventive dentistry
  • Fillings, crowns and bridges, and other restorations
  • Endodontics (treatment of diseases of the tooth root and dental pulp), including root canals
  • Some orthodontics
  • Oral surgery such as simple extractions and biopsies
  • Cosmetic procedures like tooth whitening and veneers
  • Dentures (partial and full)

We refer you an excellent specialist if you require more help than our office can provide in a particular area. Our goal is to see that each member of your family receives the best possible care.

We plan to be your family dentist for life and work hard to ensure all your family members have teeth that make them want to smile.