Sedation Dentistry Stops Dental Anxiety

And Saves You Time Too!

Do you or a family member have fear of the dentist? Or do you need a lot of dental work but have little time?

sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry, also called conscious sedation, is the use of safe and tested calming medications, often taken by mouth and administered by a qualified professional. This oral sedation helps minimize your anxiety both before and during a dental visit. You have little recollection of the treatment afterward. Patients frequently tell us that their visit was the most pleasant dental experience they have ever had in their life.

Conscious sedation is an excellent solution for patients who:

  • suffer fear of dental treatment
  • have experienced prior dental trauma
  • need to undergo multiple procedures

You are not “knocked out,” so you are awake during treatment. Although you feel drowsy, you swallow and breathe normally while sedated. You are able to interact and respond to those around you. But you have no fear of anesthetic injections or the procedure itself. The medication wears off within a few hours after the end of your appointment, and most patients have little memory of the entire experience.

If a patient is considering sedation, we schedule a sedation consultation so you understand the process and have all your questions answered. We provide thorough, easy-to-understand instructions for you to follow before, during, and after your appointment.

Our doctors are trained and skilled in sedation dentistry with a variety of medications. Considering your personal situation, our doctors customize your medication plan to use the lowest level of dental sedation possible to accomplish your goals. Conscious sedation is used in our office to offer gentle dental care for patients age six and older.

If you or someone in your family has been putting off routine or restorative dental care because of dental anxiety, please give us a call today to discuss sedation.

Sedation Dentistry Cost

Oral conscious sedation is a great way to save time for many who have little time to spare. The cost of sedation is a flat fee and then each procedure is added to the total cost. Please make an appointment so that we can correctly price the cost of any procedures you may need.