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Dana J. a Villaggio Dental patient
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I Never Felt Anything During My Visit.

Dana J. reviews Villaggio Dental

Dana Johnson, a Villaggio patient since 2007, discovered sedation dentistry is the right solution to stop anxiety and improve dental visits for her. Read about Dana’s experience in this personal interview:

Why did you choose Villaggio Dental?

So many of my friends recommended Villaggio that when I was looking for a new dentist, I called them. My daughter, who is now 20 years old, also is a patient of Villaggio. And I tell everyone to go there! I love them.

Tell us about your past dental experience.

I've never had many dental problems my whole life, so when faced with the occasional filling or deep gum cleaning, I become anxious, as I don't know what to expect. I’m a big chicken about going to the dentist.

What was your dental visit like when you were orally sedated?

I had saved a number of procedures up to be done all in one day, so being sedated was the best choice for me. I was comfortable, and I never felt anything during my visit. I heard that I was in a good mood and talking a lot, but I really can’t remember the visit! I know someone else drove me home.

There wasn't anything surprising or unexpected because I was well informed by the excellent staff. They are really top notch. If faced with another procedure that I was anxious about, I would choose to be sedated at their office again.

What is your opinion of the Villaggio doctors and staff?

I never thought that I would consider my dentist, his support staff and my hygienists as "friends," but I just love them all, and they make sure I'm comfortable and cared for. I get scared, but they make me laugh. They are the dearest, sweetest people - each one of them is wonderful.

Villaggio Dental is simply the best dental office I've ever been to. No one I know likes to go to the dentist, and the staff at Villaggio makes it as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.